Dr. Edstrom's 25 years of plastic surgery experience and his leadership locally, regionally and nationally in the field of plastic surgery and in medical education place him at the forefront of plastic surgery technique and innovation. Patients can be confident he will provide them with state-of-the-art care.

Dr. Edstrom spends time with patients to learn about their desires and expectations and he will repair harm, restore beauty, and refine bodies using the most advanced techiques and procedures to maximize patient comfort and results in a manner appropriate for each patient.

Dr. Edstrom will repair harm to the body from injury or illness, paying careful attention to the patient's medical history and other physical and emotional needs.

He will restore a positive self-image for those who want to bring back the natural beauty that has been affected by the aging process, the environment, illness or injury.

He will refine the lines, shapes and contours to improve appearance for those striving for enhancement of their body image.